SZONADJ – 6 hours house music

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SZONADJ is made up of a group of DJ’s from Barcelona, Malaga and Menorca island with extensive experience in the world of nightlife.

Several years ago we began to see how the music scene changed in venues that were traditionally true

temples of House, Dance and electronica sound in general and that nowadays are not.

Today it is difficult to find clubs in our cities where you can listen to these musical styles, knowing that there is an audience for it.

A couple of years ago, a group of DJs considered that if there were no places to listen and dance this musical style, we should take it to you to your “House” … so we started our SZONADJ project beginning to distribute our sessions on different radio stations to make our feelings, sensations, concerns reach all possible places … through what we most we like, club culture music HOUSE MUSIC.

We love DJing both with vinyl and with the digital tools that we currently have at our fingertips.

We hope that our good vibes make you dance and fill you with energy!

Music is culture, do not confine it!

We are culture, we are your clubber sound … We are SZONADJ !!!

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