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House FM started in March 2001 as an idea of a group of friends all with a mutual taste in music. The original idea was to have a musical outlet for a very large genre for music, which was under represented with commercial radio stations at the time. House Music, which has gone on to influence many other genres of music over the last 25 years has every year become a larger and larger  and more influential. House Music since the 80’s and in its original forms of Disco, Soul and Jazz has always allowed people to come together in a traditional community setup and let people from all walks of life to share something and interact.

With the music output being most important part of the ethos. The station has always played music that existing commercial station haven’t supported until the music became commercially successful. House music and all it’s sub genre’s make up a worldwide industry and community of people connected by the music. With London being one of the most multi cultural cities in the world this add’s to the boiling pot of cultural influence’s from across the globe and the interconnecting relationship though the music.

For almost 14 years we have enabled presenters to play their own selection of music with our guidance to deliver an entertaining and informative format to our diverse listenership. We deliver a cross section of show’s from a broad variety of presenters from all age ranges and from all walks of life. We interact with our community of listener’s and have evolved over the years into a major part of the house music community based in London. We have always put the music first to allow our listeners to experience the power of the music to make people happy and entertain them.